July 12, 2019

Baby Milestones & The Mockingbird that has us Back in the Neighborhood

Today's post is in partnership with Mockingbird.

Six weeks has felt like such an occasion around here. I imagine with any newborn that little milestones feel like giant achievements in themselves, but that's certainly the sentiment for us these days.

Everyone said it would be the case, but it's amazing how quickly time is passing and just how much Etta has already changed. Just look at the difference a few weeks has made from here to here. We're enjoying every new stage (especially her budding smile), yet at the same time I'm already finding myself missing some aspects I had no idea would be so fleeting like her newborn squirms and the tiny clothes she's already sizing up from.

At six weeks we're celebrating everything from introducing Etta's first bottle and sleeping a six-hour stretch at night to surviving through our first growth spurt and leaving her with her first babysitter for an hour and a half stretch (thanks, mom!). One of the milestones I'd been looking forward to the most was the official green light to get out and about post-delivery. One of our favorite things to do is stepping out for a neighborhood stroll and it's hands down the single-most activity I've missed since summer began. In fact, we dreamed frequently about the days we'd be able to walk the neighborhood with Basil and a stroller before I ever got pregnant.

Along with all of the other baby gear out there, choosing a stroller felt like a big task. That's when we stumbled across the Mockingbird. It's a new direct-to-consumer brand, meaning they've cut out the middleman, allowing for premium amenities at a fraction of the price of many strollers we'd been looking at. This stroller is modern and beautiful, but so much more...

Image by Ali Williamson

We fell in love with the Mockingbird for several reasons, first of which is safety. The strollers exceed the required safety standards across nearly every dimension and offer a lifetime warranty. I just love the way it glides seamlessly over the cobblestones in our neighborhood which provide just the right lull we need for Etta to doze right off. I never imagined cobblestones would have an added perk outside of historic charm once I became a parent.

My favorite stroller features have been the car seat adaptor, single hand fold, and the oversized storage compartment underneath, roomy enough to hold my diaper bag and so (SO!) much more. I never realized how physically demanding parenthood would be, so any chance I have to let someone or something help share the load, I'll take it! While Etta's still small, we've preferred using the car seat adaptor — it fits nearly every common brand — to keep her rear facing, nice and snug, and to avoid waking her between the car and stroller when venturing further out. The stroller design is customizable, too. I can't get over that watercolor drop pattern and the penny leather handle.

Image by Ali Williamson

Needless to say, I'm thrilled to be active again and share our love of the neighborhood with Etta at this early stage. It's amazing what a little fresh air can do to help you feel human. I'm also eager to hear what your favorite baby milestones were (or perhaps what you miss the most) — let's chat in the comments below!

Today's post is in collaboration with Mockingbird, a modern brand with quality baby gear we're thrilled to use for years to come. If you'd like to try it yourself, Mockingbird makes it easy with free shipping both ways and a risk-free 30-day trial.

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