December 22, 2017

Modern Farmhouse: DIY Gold Eucalyptus Place Settings

This time of year I'm looking for any excuse to bring a touch of shimmer into our home and quick projects with a big impact are topping my list. Tis the season!

In advance of hosting for the holidays, I assembled these golden eucalyptus place settings with materials we had on hand and just love their minimal, modern farmhouse feel. They'd brighten up any type of gathering year-round, and I especially love them for New Years because of their symbolic traits of abundance, purification, and protection.

To assemble these sweet little place settings you'll need just three materials: a small bunch of seeded eucalyptus, metallic spray paint and cloth napkins in your favorite print.

There are all sorts of green leaf varieties and my very favorite of them all is seeded eucalyptus — we used it throughout our wedding florals and I enjoy picking up a fresh bunch to decorate with in different nooks around the house, particularly my bedside

I like to buy eucalyptus fresh for the wonderful scent it gives off and have found healthy full bunches at our local Wegman's (where an entire bundle is only $6!). If finding eucalyptus is harder in your area, it's easy to source fresh or dried bundles on Etsy and there are also some good artificial varieties out there that could work well for a more permanent, durable piece of decor.

To get started, apply two to three even coats of metallic spray paint on each side of the eucalyptus stem for full coverage. Make sure to spray in an outdoor setting or well-ventilated area and use protective paper or cardboard to cut down on the mess. Allow to dry and then check for any areas that may need a quick touch up (those nooks and crannies can be tricky).

I chose a golden finish, because gold! That being said, they'd look really pretty in a silver or rose gold finish if you're going for a different color scheme. I've found for quicker projects like these, smaller cans of "short cuts" paint are great to have on hand.

Allow the paint to fully dry — it will be dry to touch after 15 minutes and fully cured after 3 hours. Meanwhile, give the cloth napkins a quick ironing if they need it and fold them into a pocket fold. This quick video explains the fold; you're aiming to make a little opening to nestle the floral stems into.

I use Ikea's striped dish towels as cloth napkins in our house because they're super soft to the touch, machine washable and budget-friendly as an added bonus. The simple red stripe gives them a bit of a Parisian or modern farmhouse feel so I played these up when folding our napkins. 

Slip a single golden sprig inside each pocket. If you started with a larger bunch, just snip smaller stems from the branches that include both leaves and seeds.

To finish, nestle the napkins inside each seated plate for a welcome setting.

What to do with the stems after the meal? They make a nice favor for guests to take as a small token from your gathering and to bring a little touch of brightness wherever it may be needed!

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