December 13, 2017

It's Tree Time!

This past weekend we ventured out to choose this year's Christmas tree. We ended up bringing home a 9 footer, the largest we've ever managed to accommodate in our space — insert praise hands for the high ceilings that come with historic homes.

We always go for a fresh tree, but tend to change up the destination between a few favorite spots each year depending on how much time we have. This year we opted for Fransisco Farm's pop up tree stand. This was a place we often went to when we lived south of the river before moving deeper into the city.

It just so happened to be the day after the first snowfall of the season, so the ground and trees were dusted in white. Per usual, Basil was right there with us assuming quality control duties. One of the tree elves even asked Mary how she color coordinated her shoes with our dog so nicely.

We decided on a fir and like I mentioned — it's probably the tallest we've ever brought home giving the following is this going to fit look?

Back at home, we've pulled all the decorations down, got the tree standing straight and strung with lights while 6' 3" Brandon was in town (even he wasn't able to get the topper on). We've positioned it in our front office this year so it's visible from the street and just love how it fills up the room — not to mention the fresh scent drifting throughout our entire downstairs.

It's really beginning to feel like the holiday season around here. In general, we're excited for a bit of a break ahead and all the upcoming festivities planned with family and friends. We're hoping to put the finishing touches on decorations (hello, ornaments!) this weekend and will look forward to sharing a round up of cheer in the coming weeks.

P.S. Every time we head out to get our tree, we catch ourselves quoting this classic. C'Mon, let's go get the tree!

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