January 4, 2017

Jan-Etsy: Our Monthly Etsy Edit

January is a time for peering out through the post-holiday haze, a time for self reflection, pairing down and new possibilities. It's a season for hunkering down, cozying up and enveloping ouselves in all that winter has to offer — this January even we're hoping for a first snow here in Richmond.

By day, you'll find me scouring the depths of the Etsy marketplace discovering new shops and emerging trends. In the spirit of sharing, every so often it's fun to round up some our latest finds — this month is all about helpful organizers, sweet accessories, a sense of renewal and something a little spicy just for a little kick in the new year. This January is looking anything but bleak...

1— With a new year comes new plans — write them all down with one of the stylish options from FRANK Stationery.
2— These cozy little mouse coats make it impossibly cute to run off to grandma's house in.
3— With a name like Victor, India, Dog, Romeo, Alpha (VIDRA) — you learn how to spell your name phonetically! We love this sweet take on the alphabet from 1Canoe2.
4— For the blackest of thumbs, stained glass cacti sculptures. Note: these tend to sell quickly, and you can keep up with the latest designs by following Bespoke Glass on Instagram.
5— This little organizer is helpful and chic. I can't think of how many times I've needed a little wall dish instead of dropping earrings on the bathroom ledge each night.
6— Keep your keys organized labeled with these personalizable leather key fobs. Or, try your hand at making a set of your own.
7— Mountain peaks to display the most recent of memories you've snapped.
8— A hair stick that takes basic to chic.
9— Garnet, a nod to all the January babies out there celebrating this month!
10— This modern take on the fire pit has us feeling wanderlust for a cabin weekend getaway.
11— A touch of spice to get this new year started right, this trio of kitchen helpers are the bees knees.
12— Activated charcoal in a 2-in-bar wonder is a handy helper for travel packing & detox goals.

We'd love to know — what are some of your favorite Etsy finds right now?

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  1. I just stumbled on you by googling Fiddle Trees to see where to buy one, and I love your blog. I love your Etsy finds. Thanks for sharing and spreading the word about handmade! And I'll be heading to Lowe's to look for my own little Fiddle tree to grow.

    1. Hi Anita,

      We are so happy you found us! Good luck on your fiddle leaf fig ours is still going strong with minimal maintenance.

      Best, Tim and Mary


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