December 18, 2016

Let's Go Get the Tree!

This time last weeked, we were listening to holiday tunes on the radio, driving about 45 minutes outside the city to look for this year's Christmas tree. We ended up bringing home a sparse Norway Spruce that we find to be quite charming paired with memories from the day together with Basil out on the Christmas tree farm. Today we're sharing a few of our favorite snaps from the big adventure if you care to see...

This was our first visit out to Olde Church Christmas Tree Farm, a beautiful farmhouse out in Powhatan Virginia with open land and rows upon rows of varying sized trees to explore. Specializing in pines and spruces, you're given a saw to choose from and pointed on your merry way to search and cut down the tree that speaks to you for a flat fee.

Once we settled on our tree, we tried to snap a nice shot with Basil — but all he could concentrate on was the outright joy of being out in the open with grass and plenty of land to run around on. Who can blame him?

Tim cut the tree down and hauled it back to the farmhouse for prepping and to load it up. After I snapped the pic below, he asked if I'd gotten one of him laying down on the grass, taking a break halfway through sawing the tree. I told him I'd planned to only keep this one so when he looked back on the day he remembered it as easy peasy :)

Now let me tell you ladies out there, this was my type of Christmas tree pickup — while I was sipping on a cup of piping hot cider, "the boys" handled the cleanup & prep! We picked a tree that needed a bit of love — sparse in many spots they trimmed it right up ready for us to bring home.

Once secured onto the car, we headed back into the city and made it home in time to unload it with Stephanie and Brandon while they were in town. As a side note, we recently had the exterior of our home painted (it used to be yellow!) — we're working on a fuller before/after post to share, and in the meantime the shot below gives a nice peek at how it looks now.

Since bringing our tree home, we've strung it with lights and have the ornaments out as we speak to finish things off now that Brandon's back home from finals. There's something magical about the moment we bring a tree home in making the holiday season feel real or having finally arrived. Right?

It was fun to begin what will perhaps shape up to be a new tradition for us by cutting a fresh tree and hope that whatever traditions you may be celebrating or beginning this year as well are filled with joy. Below, we've rounded up a handful of our favorite holiday projects from the past few years to help spread a bit of holiday cheer this week leading into Christmas.

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