September 12, 2015

Fancy That!

Original image by Tori Watson

Today we're back again, sharing all the smaller things we're into (or fancying, hence the series name) that might not fit into a single post for one reason or another. Sometimes there might be a long list of randomness, other times it might be a single gem — whatever the case, here's what we're into right now.

-Instagram to follow: one of Mary's favorite designers, Waterstone Succulents.

-Have you also been following this hilarious new parody Barbie Instagram account

-What's been cooking around here? Fried green tomato huevos rancheros and this chorizo, kale and potato frittata.

-A tattoo to remember.

-Great design: this modern minimalist bottle opener keychain.

-Slated to open this month in the Richmond Arts District, we're beyond excited to check out the new Quirk Hotel — with rumors of a rooftop bar and the new home of Quirk Gallery, a staycation just may be in order.

-Speaking of Richmond, we've been loving Ledbury's take on Richmond neighborhood guides.

-We are excited to be attending the Assisi Food Truck Festival later today where we can sample some of the best food in Italy on 3 or 4 wheels!

-Finally, we're rounding out our 2 week say in Italy — a place we've fallen in love with. While sad to be on the backend of the trip, we're still soaking in every last drop. We'll look forward to sharing a fuller recap and photo roundup upon return, but you can follow along with some of our real-time snaps over on Instagram if you like.

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  1. Oh my gosh I found that Barbie instagram account last week and it's hilarious! So glad you guys are enjoying Italy. It's one of my favorite places:)


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