February 26, 2015

RVA Snow Day — Or Snow Paws?

We woke up to a snow-covered Richmond this morning — about 7 inches and powdery white. When it snows like this in Richmond, most of the city schools and local businesses close or open on delay. Working from home doesn't lend us the advantage of an official "snow day" but we did get a chance to take an early morning walk with Basil, who just loves a good romp in the snow.

We always enjoy walking over to Monument Avenue since it's close and admittedly picturesque. Here's old Stonewall Jackson enjoying the snowy view:

Just off Monument is a large church yard where we like to let Basil run and romp. Since we have a very small and limited back patio for him to play in at home, we will bring him here to really just let him have a good run. When it snows, these runs are even more fun to watch:

One of our favorite things to do when it snows is play "snow catch" with Basil. 

Tim will make a snowball, get Basil all excited about catching it, then the snow fantastically breaks apart on contact. Basil loves this game and takes it very seriously — we laugh every time he goes after a new snowball.

No fear in this one when to comes to chasing or catching (gold letter balloons are a different story):

It's always amazing to see how the landscape transforms under a blanket of white snow. Everything seems a little quieter and slowed down for the moment.

If you're in or near Richmond, we hope you're enjoying the weather and perhaps a formal snow day off. Who else has a dog that's a fan of the snow? Any favorite games you like play? 

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  1. Fresh snow is the absolute best! So, so sniffy. The snow's getting a little deep here, so most of our walks are more about bounding than actually walking. It's the only way to get through the snow. This morning's game was king of the castle when Baxter climbed to the top of the gravel pile and did a little dance. He wanted to do the dirt pile too, but his paws were getting a bit cold by then. Our favourite game these days is not so much about the snow. We love chasing the stick across the driveway. It's like the church yard--the best place to run. It's cleared so that there's enough space to build up some good speed and it's hard-packed so there's always a good slide when he tries to stop for the stick.

  2. My 16 yr old mutt is a good sport about the snow but he doesn't play in it anymore. I put a coat on him and he runs out and runs back in again. I'm out in Goochland and we had a good but more than a dusting of snow. And now there's a heard of deer jumping our fence and eating all the "deer resistant" bushes out back. I have been trying to scare the beasts off all day. The dog barks once then runs inside so the deer aren't impressed. Can I borrow Basil? He could run all over my yard and chase those deer!

  3. Our 7-year-old golden-cocker mix adores the snow, but hates the rain. So she will rip out the door for the dash of mania for the fresh snow, but if it's raining post-snow she won't get in there. It's hysterical. Sadly she doesn't really play catch. It has to be tied to her abusive previous owners from when she was >2 yrs old we think, sad but true. We can get her to play tug of war but not catch which is sad since most cocker spaniels and golden retrievers typically love it! So, our "game" is letting her whizz about madly until she needs to sleep it off by the fire.

    I love the action shots you got here. They are really fun to look at! Hope maybe we had our last snow and we can get spring in RVA soon.


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