February 24, 2015

Over on eHow: DIY Hollow Book Safe

In our latest project post with eHow, we transformed one of our flea market hardback book finds into a hollowed out book safe — perfect for keeping trinkets and small valuables out of view.

After building out the industrial bookcases for our office, it's been fun collecting things we'd previously had strewn around the house or stored away to put on display along the shelves. Among books, magazines and records, we've included some of our favorite vintage finds and a few different boxes and cases to act as creative storage:

The two older books on the shelf above were flea market finds that I've used as a props for photographing jewelry in the past. Since they don't hold significant meaning or value to us as books, the green one made a perfect supply for DIY-ing a little more creative storage for the shelves.

The process is straightforward, but requires a bit of patience and a steady hand since cutting in straight lines with a box cutter is the main source of hollowing out the book pages:

Head on over to eHow to find the full tutorial with step-by-step instructions for making one of your own hollow book safes!

P.S. And now you're probably thinking the same thing — yes! Now the world knows where our book safe is hidden. Good thing we're really just using it for keeping unfiled papers and coupons out of view on the desk. #thepaperstruggleisreal

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