January 15, 2015

Over on eHow: How Restore Brass Door Hardware

In our latest project post with eHow, we've detailed out an incredibly simple method for removing layers of paint from metal hardware, then restoring it back to its original glory. We used the handle plates from the pocket doors that surround our front office:

All of the original details like the pocket doors, picture railing and doorway trim were part of the reason we fell in love with this house when looking to move. As you can see from the photo above (hello Opus T. Penguin), while we have the original pocket doors, they'd been somewhat sloppily painted over, including all the the original and detailed metal hardware that went along with them.

Once removing the handle plates, we were able to see the beautiful and original dark pine underneath — it's like a little window into the past:

We're not sure why anyone would have painted over the doors, but were excited to at least try restoring the metal hardware to help highlight some of the original details around the house. This process couldn't be simpler — all it takes is a warm slow cooker and a healthy squeeze of dish soap before the paint begins to just lift off the metal:


Find the full step-by-step instructions for the removal process over on eHow if tackling this project yourself.

We're pretty thrilled with the final results and love that we can now see even more of those original home details we first fell in love with when moving in. Taking on a smaller project like this has also got us thinking about trying to tackle stripping the paint off the doors all together, though that would be a much bigger undertaking. As usual, we'll keep you posted!

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