January 18, 2015

Fancy That!

Original image by Tori Watson

Today we're back again, sharing all the smaller things we're into (or fancying, hence the series name) that might not fit into a single post for one reason or another. Sometimes there might be a long list of randomness, other times it might be a single gem — whatever the case, here's what we're into right now.

- Instagram to follow: The amazingly intricate and beautiful hand carved work from paper artist, Brave Bird.

- This DIY 3D Geometric desk calendar would make a fun weekend project.

-What's been cooking around here? Well, let me tell you! In keeping with one of my personal 2015 goals, I've been whipping up dinners once per week using mostly ingredients we have around the house. Over the last 2 weeks I've made this meatloaf to go with these these brussels sprouts & roasted potatoes and this recipe for velvet chicken to pair with roasted carrots and these ridiculously amazing caramelized onion tartlets.

- Speaking of cooking, have we been cooking bacon wrong our entire lives?

- Would you let Maroon 5 crash your wedding?

- The undeveloped film project makes us wonder what gems may be hiding in the undeveloped rolls we have hanging around the house.

- The kind of bus mate we'd enjoy transit with.

- Pretty printable thank you cards.

You know the truth by the way it feels.

Hope you're having a great weekend!
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1 comment

  1. That Maroon 5 video just sent me down a ten minute Googling rabbit hole to determine what type of vintage car Adam Levine was driving :) heh


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