October 16, 2014

Over on eHow: How to Cut & Recycle Wine Bottles Into Modern Glass Vases

Ever wondered how to cut glass bottles to recycle into everyday useful pieces like vases, drinking glasses or even candles? So did we — so we tested the process on several different bottles, then detailed what method worked best in our latest project post for eHow.

The result of our endeavors were these recycled glass bottle vases. We used a mix of glass wine bottles, sparkling water bottles and even an old olive oil bottle from Italy we'd saved over the years. Recycling bottles in this way can be a fun way to preserve a celebratory bottle of champagne or wine from a milestone event, transforming them into useable pieces for your everyday decor.

For the more special bottles or ones with fun graphics, we chose to leave the labels intact. Those that didn't carry sentimental meaning, we removed the labels and share a few tips for doing so easily over in the full tutorial.

Outside of vases, you could cut glass bottles in all sorts of shapes and sizes to make drinking glasses, wine tumblers (<--- see what I just did there), or even candles with the addition of poured wax. We've also seen the neck portion of cut bottles used as pendant light shades, like these — pretty neat-o!

Head on over to eHow to see more pictures of our new vases with step by step instructions for making a set of your own.

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  1. Thanks for this fabulous post - I've come across a few 'cut your own glass vases from bottles' tutorials and they always looked WAY too dangerous to try! This one, with your clear instructions and demonstration makes the whole process look safe and easy. I'm really looking forward to giving it a go with some old wine bottles with fancy labels I have in storage :)


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