October 15, 2014

Basil's Blanket Season (aka Call Me Crazy)

Happy hump day! Well, we can tell the autumn weather is truly starting to set in now that "Basil's blanket season" has returned in full swing. What's Basil's blanket season? Well, it's the 5 months out of the year that Basil gets spoiled with his own throw blanket while lounging about — tell me we're not alone on this?

This position above is what I like to refer to as "the cold weim ball." I can always tell when he's cold, because he'll crouch up into this tight ball and sometimes even push his nose down into the bed, trying to keep warm — doesn't looks so relaxed or cozy, no?

I have to admit, I get a lot of flack from my extended family and friends for wrapping Basil up in a blanket, and I even used to get a little flack from Tim...that is, until I showed him the following test:

Here's the test — we toss the blanket over him when in the "cold weim ball position" and walk away...

After about 5 minutes, without fail, we'll hear him let out a big puppy dog sigh and see him begin to stretch on out:

Now this is the look of a comfy, cozy dog:

It's hard to argue that the blanket doesn't make a difference — just look at those eyes rolling back in his head...

Hey wait, are you guys talking about me? Yawwwwwwn....

Oh, hello there, camera! Let me take a minute to show you exactly how comfy I am with my blanket:

What a ham!

Oh, Basil — how you continue to brighten our days.

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  1. Oh how I love Weims...all of them! #myweimhas4blankets

    1. They certainly carry a personality like no other canine :)

  2. Priceless! Sam does the curl up in a tight ball too; if I cover him, he just stays under the covers enjoying the warmth. Wimpy Standard!

  3. We had a greyhound who would get cold too. He wored fleece pajamas all winter in the house, and a coat outside on top of the pajamas. Perhaps Santa should bring Basil some jammies?

  4. Okay, that last photo is the most super adorable dog photo I have seen in AGES! If you are crazy for throwing a blanket over Basil, I would hate to hear what people think about my wife and I. We have a little chihuahua, she gets SOOO cold, so she wears pajamas in the house usually, and has a couple of special blankets that are only hers. In the winter when it starts to get really cold, we sometimes keep a heating pad on low or make sure she is under the electric blanket (well, she always makes sure she is under it!) but she is an older dog who is suffering from arthritis in the joints and the cold is hard on her. Our dog and our cat are our children, so we do plenty of silly stuff in the name of keeping them warm and happy!

    1. Thank you Johnna! You are the second one to mention pj's so looks like we are indeed going to have to look into these! Stand by for photos :)

  5. You're not the only one! I have a German Shorthair dogball, starting about October. She'll curl up on the sofa and I'll cover her with her fleece blankie. :)

  6. The exact same scene took place in our house this week! I know that when the nose hides in the tush it's blankie time! :)


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