September 15, 2014

Weekend Basics

It must be fall if the pumpkins are here! Outside of the crisp morning air this weekend, we had our first pumpkin sightings while grabbing a morning coffee at Ellwood Thompson's yesterday.

We scooped up 3 of our favorites along with a few potted plants to bring back home to make autumn planters with.

This was a decor project we really enjoyed trying out for the first time last year, so we were excited to make more, earlier in the season with a new twist. Look for the project details and pics of how they turned out here on the blog later this week.

Basil was the perfect gentlemen sharing the backseat with our new mums and ornamental peppers — he just loves tagging along for the ride:

The highlight of Basil's weekend? Getting to chase the ball in one of his favorite places on the James River.

If you follow us on Instagram, you may already know we paid a visit to my mom's house this weekend, which has open fields where Basil can just run and roam free as he pleases. Most of the time, he just wants to stay close and chase after his favorite ball.

It was also a successful weekend on the treasure hunting front:

You can see from a small sampling of the finds we came home with above, we made exceptionally good headway on the holiday side of hunting! One particular attic dig yielded a bunch of new-to-us vintage finds we'll be working to clean up, photograph and list in the vintage shop over the next week.

Also, remember when we showed you the holes Tim cut from the wall in our closet to take a look at the shower pipes in our master bath?

Well, that repair is now looking a little something like this on the other side of that wall:

Yep, a little drip from the ceiling has turned into a full blown shower demo. While it's been an unexpected project, we're looking on the bright side — we caught the issue early on and are making a few updates we've been wanting to do since moving in that otherwise would've had to wait. While we live without a master shower over the next few days, we'll be drafting up a fuller post with all the background on what's going on and the progress we make along the way.

Never a dull moment around here!

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  1. Oh My Stars: I hope that master shower photo is an optical illusion: it looks absolutely minuscule!!!!! I had a hidden drip behind the wall in our master shower for 17 years.... then one day quite randomly four tiles in shower popped loose... when I went to replace them, I noticed there was no wall board behind any of the tiles.... OH GREAT! Total bathroom remodel ~ but luckily no one fell through the bathroom floor that had also rotted away!!


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