September 11, 2014

Our Kitchen Wall: Calling it Complete!

We've been meaning to share the final updates to our formerly bare kitchen wall!

You might recall we made and shared all the details from installing the exposed wood shelf on this wall above the console a couple weeks ago. Once the shelf was securely in place, we wanted to fill in and maximize the wall space lingering underneath the shelf, so we started out by making the magnetic knife rack pictured above (full tutorial for here).

The latest (and final) update was the addition of a wall rail system from Ikea's Fintorp series:

The whole concept is an exposed rail for the wall where you can hang different attachments from the rail hooks for storage. The install was super straightforward, much like installing curtain rod hardware:

After the install was complete, this wall space was already looking 100 times better — then Mary got busy working her magic to fill things in:

We love how the rail allows for more vertical storage and picked up the basket and white pail attachments to hang from it. Now that we've been using it for a couple weeks, we'll probably trade in the white pail for another basket since we're not really using it as much day-to-day and love how much added storage the basket attachment provides for produce and other daily essentials.

For reference, here's a look at where we started in this space:

It's a nice difference from where we find ourselves today:

Sometimes it's little updates like these that can make the house feel so much more our own. It's been a bit of a journey finding the right solution for this wall in our kitchen, but we're finally at a point where we feel like it's complete!

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  1. I love your kitchen!

    1. Thank you so much! We are off to another room and as you probably know it never ends!


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