March 24, 2014

Weekend Basics

Somebody's got a serious case of the Mondays today...

This weekend we stayed in watching our brackets get crushed by March Madness and got out while the weather was still nice to scope out supplies for a few home projects we've been thinking about. Both our brackets were trampled by the madness that comes with well, March Madness. Mary's got completely wrecked when Wichita lost (she had them going all the way) and I had New Mexico in the final 2, but still have a standing chance if Arizona stays in the game. Now that I wrote that down I'm sure I'm in for it!

Saturday we both wanted to get out of the house so we hit the road, headed for Hanover and spent the better part of the afternoon wandering through a few antique shops.

A couple of our favorite stops included Two Frogs On a Bike (which was sparse but a cool space) and Antique Village.

We didn't leave with anything substantial, but had a fun time looking, walking around and gathering lots of inspiration. We've been on the hunt for some thick slabs of reclaimed wood we'd like to make a few different shelves for around the house. We've checked out a few local spots like Caravati's, but if you know any good places for checking out this kind of salvage we'd love to hear all about them!

In maybe our most exciting weekend news, we did bring home an antique door we found on Richmond's Craigslist:

We can't wait to share more behind the story of this door, which we'll save for another post, but the short of it is — we've been looking for a door or other piece of reclaimed wood to make a desk large enough for the two of us to sit at for our office. We've gotten the majority of other pieces for updating the front room into a working office, but the desk has sort of been the last element holding us back — so this find was great news for us all around.

Finally, in other exciting-to-us weekend news, we've got sprouts:

Year after year, it never ceases to amaze us when our new vegetable plants begin to grow. There's one final stretch of a cold winter front headed our way this week, so we're looking forward to getting these guys into planters and the ground perhaps as soon as next weekend.

How was your weekend? Were you able to tackle any projects or bring home something you've been eyeing? Does your bracket still stand a chance?

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