March 25, 2014

Touches of Spring: Easy Bud Vase

Sometimes it's the little things, like a found vase and blooming bush, that make for the best updates and mood boosters this time of year.

Tim and I definitely get caught up in the frustrating cycle that is March — in like a lion, out like a lamb. While there have been a few milder days this month, we seem to be in the final cold stretch of winter this last week of March here in Richmond (as I type to soft snowflakes gracing the city). That being said, there are little hints of spring popping up around us, like the Beechwood jonquils and the well formed pink and red buds beginning to bloom on our Camellia bushes out front:

One of my favorite things to do while these bushes are in full bloom is snipping a few buds for small vases to scatter around the house, adding touches of color as they continue to unravel.

You might remember we unearthed this little piece of dirty/rusty gold on our last trip to Beechwood:

It was a perfectly solid amber glass bottle with a deteriorated metal cap and lots of wear from being in the ground for what's been several years. We're not sure what this size/shape bottle would have originally been used for (any bottle experts out there?), but immediately thought it would be suited perfectly as a bud vase for us.

Once back home, the bottle cleaned up beautifully with some tough scrubbing and removal of the rusted cap. You just can't buy stuff like this with as much character new these days:

Filled with water and a couple blooms, we've got an instant touch of spring:

 Just a simple pleasure while we wait for the milder season ahead.

What's blooming where you are? Do you have a favorite way to bring a little spring inside?

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  1. we have lots of yellow & white daffodils blooming at our house! i definitely appreciate seeing the bits of Spring around our yard on chilly days like this.

  2. such a great find!
    i, too, would love to know its original use.

  3. Such a great idea! Love the bottle and the touch of spring! :)

  4. My first thought on the bottle's use was an ink bottle... the wide opening reminds me of the old fashioned ones My Grandfather and Mother used when I was very young to fill their fountain pens.....

  5. Thanks guys, Twigwoman that's a great thought — it really does have the shape of an old ink bottle. I like the thought of that too since we currently have it resting atop the secretary desk in our foyer.

  6. My husband is a "bottle expert" and says it's a Carters Ink bottle. Probably from the 30s-40s given the markings on the bottom. He says it's actually a good find!


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