March 10, 2014

Weekend Basics

Did you remember to spring forward? Although we hate to lose an hour we certainly enjoy the extra daylight and since we enjoy being outdoors, it gives us that extra time to spend in the garden and a little bit of light left when grilling out. The weather was so warm here in Richmond that it seemed like the whole city was out and about enjoying spring.

We spent the bulk of Friday traveling back home from Mexico, but made it back without any hiccups, which is always a sigh of relief when flying and connecting. Vacation was just the rest and restart we needed to come back home and get busy. The beautiful weather we had didn't hurt either! We're working on putting together a photo roundup from our vacation to share here on the blog — so more to come.

The best part of our weekend was being reunited with this guy:

The photo above pretty much sums up what the first days following a few days at doggie daycare look like. Basil curls up into a ball of sleepiness while we try to fatten him back up to fighting weight from all the energy he burns while there.

While Basil slept, we got outside and began to cleanup our back patio space, prepping everything for spring planting:

We'd received some heirloom seed packets from our friend, Emily, earlier this year that we'd been dying to try — all sorts of Hungarian pepper, tomato and flower varieties. She'd gotten them from Baker Creek, a seed company we weren't too familiar with but so happy to try.

We saw that Hunter was carrying the same seeds over at Harvest Grocery, so we stopped in to pick up some more varieties along with a few fresh veggies to toss on the grill for dinner:

Eager to start seeds, we planted a few varieties in eggshells just like the last few years and are crossing our fingers for healthy and strong sprouts as soon as later this week:

We'll put together a roundup of all the garden cleanup, prep and planting we've begun to share later this week.

Sunday we drove down to Beechwood since Mary's mom let us know the jonquils were coming up. We've been wanting to bring some more color into our yard with flowers so thought it would be a great time to uproot a few bulbs (even though it's not exactly the right season for doing so). We spent the day walking down the flower-covered ravine and river shore picking flowers and dug up a few bulbs to bring back home and test transferring:

We'll write up more details from this day trip but until then, you can check out a quick video Mary took of Basil chasing sticks into the river here.

Whew! We even had a chance to photograph and list some of the vintage odds and ends we've picked up here and there for the vintage shop:

By the end of the weekend, Basil was beginning to perk up again:

So we spent more time outside and I fired up the old charcoal grill for the first time this season for a little spring dinner of fish and fresh grilled veggies:

How was your weekend? Is the weather starting to give a little or are we way behind?

P.S. There's still time to enter for a chance to win one of two sets of these cheerful fused glass garden markers for your own spring garden. Get all the details here!

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  1. What a lovely way to spend the weekend! I do need to get my pots ready for planting--I really want to try growing herbs and maybe peppers this year. I've given up on sugar snap peas--they're just too temperamental.


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