March 7, 2014

Fancy That!

Original image by Tori Watson, Marvelous Things Photography

It's been a beautiful week vacationing in sunny Cancun, Mexico. Last night we ventured out on a dinner date to bid farewell to our little getaway. This morning we're packing up all the swimsuits and will traveling up the East Coast in hopes of a smooth trip home to Richmond. We're looking forward to seeing and snuggling Basil instead of getting glimpses of him from doggie daycare pics and will be putting together a photo roundup of some of our favorite vacation memories to share early next week.

As we head out to the airport, we're popping back in again to share all the smaller things we're into (or fancying, hence the series name) that might not fit into a single post for one reason or another. So! Here's what we're into right now...

-Tumblr to Follow: Grace. Wit. Poise. Heart.

-Would you try knitting with nothing but your arms?

-Our friend, Jenn Vargas, the creative mind behind has just launched a new mobile app called Focus. It's a streamlined and simple app that helps you list and track daily goals with fun add-ons like how many days you've lived on Earth. Fun Fact: I've been on Earth for 17,586 days and Mary's just behind me at 11,426.

-If we weren't already itching to get spring plants in the ground, these spring tarts would do the trick.

-Richmond's New Grocers — a little backstory on the new neighborhood groceries popping up (so many of our favorites!) and if you look closely, you'll spot yours truly peeking out from the back of this photo.

-Nice looking set of knives.

-If you love weims (or dogs in general), Amy Singer's Instagram account will melt your heart every time a new photo pops up in your stream. We gave you fair warning!

-18 things highly creative people do differently. Sound like anyone you know? Some of our favorites included following your true passion, working the hours that work for you, people watching and "failing-up."

-Finally, back in 2011 we mentioned visiting a local Putt Putt course the both of us grew up playing on (in different generations). We'd gone to take detailed photos of course #3 to send to our friend and talented illustrator, Mickey Duzjy, who was working on a special project featuring one of the three perfect mini golf games recorded in history.

Well, Mickey let us know this week that the film was recently completed — it's pretty incredible! Check it out below or right here on Grantland:

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