December 17, 2013

Printstagram Gifts & Giveaway: Personalized Memory Game for Kids

Today we've been looking forward to sharing the creative gift idea we came up with for our smaller nieces and nephews, plus we have an exciting giveaway for you so you can do the same!

The creative minds behind Printstagram (they make prints from Instagram photos, remember these?) just released contact cards — sturdy square card prints of your Instagram photos that can be customized any way you like. They could be used for business cards, save the dates, a garland of photos or whatever you dream up. We came up with the idea to create completely personalized memory matching games for all three of the littler kids on our list (our oldest niece is 11 and into everything One Direction, so a personalized memory game just isn't going to cut it this year, ha).

Did you play Memory as a child? It was one of my favorite games. The basic premise is laying out a loaded stack of cards that has sets of matching pictures underneath. Each player gets a turn to flip over 2 cards, trying to make a match. With each turn and new card that gets flipped over, you test your memory skills as to where the match might be. If you make a match, you collect the cards (like Old Maid), and the player to score the most matches wins.

We figured a game like this could be something the kids could play with together or alone, would be a fun way to seal some of these photographic memories we hold so dear into their little heads and they'd be something to tease their brains as an added plus.

Printstagram makes creating these cards so easy — they pull straight from your Instagram feed. We had so much fun going through all the photos and memories we've made with the kids over the past 5 years, trying to narrow down each set to 30 pictures. Once we had 30 photos for each child, we loaded them into the super user-friendly Prinstagram templates and selected 2 copies of each photo to make a complete set of 60 cards each. The sets arrived within 5 days in beautiful compact packaging:

The cards are compact and made of a substantially thick and lustrous paper — I'm thinking they'll be able to easily stand up to the spills and tumbles from the little ones, all the while small enough to fit into their tiny hands.

Each set ended up having about 10 of the same photos and 20 completely personalized ones. We included photos from their first day in the hospital, shots with them from our wedding, snaps from holidays, their first days at preschool and even a few of all our family dogs — Basil, their dachshund, Chrissie and Kobe, their other dachshund who passed away this year:

Printstagram lets you choose a customizable generic text backing or you can opt to load an image you've created, which we did. We made a simple circle graphic with each of their names to label each of the card backings:

We're pretty excited about how they all turned out and can't wait to give them to each of the kids on Christmas, teaching them how to play. We may have even laid them all out for a test run ourselves...

We've got them all packaged up in little bundles, ready to be opened and played with next week:

These could be a really cute gift idea for not only the holidays, but for birthdays and other fun occasions. Love the idea of making fun things with your Instagram photos? Printstagram specializes in a host of other ideas too —everything from prints, books, calendars, stickers, greeting cards, posters and more. Find out what you can make from your own photos here. The best part is, Printstagram is giving away a complete set of contact cards for one of our lucky readers to get creative with — check out all the details and enter below!

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One of our readers will win their own set of 60 contact cards from Printstagram to get creative with. To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter form below — it might take a few seconds to load. For those unfamiliar with Rafflecopter, you fill in the fields using your choice of Facebook or your email, which is only used to contact the randomly selected winner (no spam) — it's that simple.

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The fine folks behind Printstagram generously provided us with each of the sets of contact cards featured in today's post and the set that will go to one of our lucky readers. All of the thoughts, opinions and the original idea to make these memory match cards belong to us — thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that make 17 Apart possible.


  1. I think these would be great made into magnets!

  2. I like the cards, and I like your idea and most of all I love how alarmingly muddled up, sticky, dog eared and loved they are going to be! Please send a follow up picture in January!

  3. I'm following on Instagram under Mrshud. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I'm also following on Pinterest under Stephanie Huddleston.

  5. We moved recently and I think I would use them to send address updates to family and friends with a pic of the new house.

  6. Thanks for the great idea! I loved Memory as well, and I think this is a great project for the kids in my family. I could make an entire set just from pictures of my chihuahua Piper!

  7. This is such a cute idea. I used to love Memory as well!

  8. this is so timely ~ i recently ordered a sweet little vintage cardboard house from lovintagefinds & included with my order was a very sturdy, lustrous print from the item listing photo. such a thoughtful touch, and the quality of the print was so impressive that i asked where it was from: social print studio. i am planning to order some very soon ♥

  9. I'd love to make some nontraditional business cards

  10. I love the memory game idea!! Brilliant!

  11. followed with Twitter handle (natalie_e_s) and on Pinterest (natalie @ little things + big stuff)

  12. I have a few kids I would love to make this game for. Great idea!

  13. Oops!! What a fantastic and amazing site!! They are all so cute!! I like personalized gifts..Thanks for the great idea! I loved Memory as well, and I think this is a great project for the kids in my family. I could make an entire set just from pictures of my chihuahua Piper!Looking so impressive..Pleasant color&theme!! i love your perfect thoughts and unique gifts styles..Thanks a lot for sharing that..Thanks..


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