August 13, 2013

Weekend Basics

We made a long weekend of it by road tripping it down to North Carolina to visit and celebrate a baby shower with our friends. It was fun making a few pitstops along the way, one of which included publishing Friday's recipe post...

It's still a little surreal to me that I'll be able to travel more often now that I'm the full time blogging half of 17 Apart. There was also some big celebrating going on in honor of this guy's 3rd birthday on Sunday:

Amidst all the travel and celebrating, I got a bug inside me to tackle cleaning out and re-organizing our garage:

I'm not completely finished, but made some good progress — in the form of a full overhaul. More details to come!

We finished out the long weekend with a Monday day trip to Water Country USA as a way to celebrate Brandon and Stephanie going back to college next week:

Racing Brandon down the Rampage was one of the highlights of the day, but I'll have to wait to tell you who won in another post. We'll be back throughout the week with updates and more details on all the long weekend happenings — thanks for staying tuned!

P.S. Anyone else watching the last season of Breaking Bad? Thoughts? 


  1. me me me!! love it but it made to feel like i should rewatch the earlier season again. :)
    i had a long weekend also (eid holiday +weekend made 4days )
    and hugs for Basil :)

    1. We missed it but hope to catch it this week before the second one! We have heard it is a really crazy episode!

  2. Still trawling through the previous season. Started from the beginning when Dexter finished up last year. I do like it but Dexter is still king by a long shot!

    1. It really is an incredible series. We have now watched the first two seasons of The Killing and we are also working on Orange is the New Black!


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