August 1, 2013

Deer Antler as Jewelry Display

Here's how I took a little inspiration from Hudson and incorporated it back here at home. Remember that eclectic little fashion and jewelry shop we stopped in while walking around downtown Hudson Well, I was so inspired by this clever use of a deer antler as a jewelry display that I wanted to try the idea in our own space...

I thought it was such a clever idea that when I got back home and settled, I swiped one of the smaller antlers from the bunch we'd brought home from brew day a couple weeks ago to play around with (Sorry Basil):

I brought it upstairs and ended up placing it on top of the bureau where I keep most of my jewelry:

The little antler tips are especially useful for holding rings:

Pretty neat, right?

It was a simple little update, but a fun one — it can be so easy to find inspiration everywhere you look! For anyone wondering, the two larger rings are some of my favorite statement pieces to wear and came from Pinar, an Etsy jewelry designer in Istanbul — find her full collection in her Etsy shop, Toosis.

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  1. It's a very inspirational way of displaying jewelry. What a nice surprise for me that you have choosen my pieces to display. thank you for sharing. Best Wishes, Pinar

    1. Thank you for taking a look! You create some inspiring pieces!

  2. They are so pretty,you create very nice pieces:)
    I loved them. Eagerly waiting for your new creations.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and for following along in our little world!


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