April 22, 2013

Weekend Basics

Lots of stuff going on around here — how about you?

1. We stopped by the old house to spread some mulch in the front beds and generally tidy up the yard for spring. Sunday was spent on the couch due to soreness from that project. Hey, I am the older part of the 17 Apart!

2. We took care of a few garden updates in our current backyard — garden update to come later this week.

3. I tackled a little light fixture project I've had in the back of my mind for quite sometime now and we're eager to share the results here on the blog later in the week. It turned out shockingly good.

4. It's hard to see, but if you look closely you'll notice a rustic looking narrow wooden ladder poking out of the sun roof of the car — we scored it from an amazing alley sale on Saturday and we can't wait to figure out where we'll put it around the house. We find some cool stuff but this may just be the coolest!

On the food front, we had classic spaghetti with meatballs on Saturday night — here's that "really?" look from Brandon when Mary tried to capture him in the act of helping me roll out the meatballs. Oh to be 18 again:

We're both really excited about our Farm Table produce box deliveries back in the weekly rotation:

This week we received spring onions, fresh chives, spring kale, sweet potatoes and cilantro. We got to use the chives from the farm box and blood oranges in two different recipes this weekend:

Look for the blood oranges making an appearance here on the blog later this week and the chives over on Lot18!

In crafty news, Mary sewed her own birdcage veil this weekend for the wedding:

She says she's not sure she wants to share the DIY for this until she can get some good pics of herself actually wearing it, so it might be a few weeks on this one — she was excited to tackle this project though.

Speaking of the wedding, Mary brought home her dress from NYC last week. Don't worry, all I saw was a big white garment bag. The airport and plane travel with the dress is kind of a funny story — I'll let her tell it in another post.

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