April 19, 2013

Summer Weather & Our "Sun Dog"

One of the affectionate nicknames we often call Basil is "Sun Dog." He loves to find the sunniest spot in the house and just lay in the warm rays. There are two spots that crack us up the most —

This one in our kitchen where a big spot of sun peeks through and he lays out on the wood floor. And this one upstairs near the back door:

We'll catch ourselves talking to him in our baby voices saying things like: "Basil, the Sun Dog" or "You're a Sun Dog, Basil."

When it actually gets warm outside, he'll stay out a little longer than usual and when we go out back to see if he's digging or getting into any general mischief, we'll laugh when we find him up on the deck sunbathing:

Well, last week in Richmond, the sunny weather finally came to stay and guess which Sun Dog couldn't be happier?

One of our favorite rituals when the warm spring weather or cool fall weather first comes in is turning the HVAC completely off and opening up all the doors and windows (save for our front door) around the house to catch a cross breeze and let the house air out. We were able to do this for about 3 days straight last week.

Here's a shot of Basil catching some sun from out of front bedroom door:

He loves to look down at the sidewalk on passerbyers and give them a few barks to let them know he's up there.

We don't have a doggy door anywhere in our house since we live in the city, but whenever we turn the HVAC off and prop open the back doors, we get a kick out of how Basil can just freely roam in and outside as he pleases.

His new favorite sun spot and lounging position quite literally cracks us up every time we catch him doing it:

He's started sitting up on the couch, resting he chin on the top of it so we can get a good view of everything going on outside on the street. 

Oh Basil — you're such an endless source of entertainment. What did we ever do before you came into our lives?

Do you also have a sun dog living with you or have any favorite spring rituals around the house?


  1. Growing up, my pups did the same thing! Great photos :)

  2. Ha Yes! My doxie is a sun dog for sure. His favorite place to sunbath is between the window shades.

    Here is a picture. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-bKMXDOBYe94/UE5BppQzzWI/AAAAAAAAAOU/oyxp36Bdn-E/s1600/IMG_1492.JPG

  3. No, I have a sun cat! She loves to lay in the sun, on the inside window ledges, on the deck rail, in the floor, in the yard, where ever.

  4. I have two cats who mostly only interact when they are tearing around the house after each other. the only time I find them interacting peacefully is when they have found a patch of sun that is just barely big enough for them to share, then they lie there blinky-eyed and lazily as if they are the best friends in the world.

  5. Love it! That couch picture is priceless, seriously you gotta enter that in a calender contest or something :)

  6. We use the term "sun poodle" at our house!


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