January 14, 2013

Winter Garden Update

Today we thought it would be fun to give a little update on the winter state of our garden areas. We're both itching to get back outside and have been planning ahead for spring plantings — trimming down our crepe myrtle tree only got us more excited to get things going. Here's an accurate portrayal of the space as it looks now...

Let's get a closer look, shall we?

All of our trough planters on the middle landing are almost completely bare of the spring and fall greens we planted and enjoyed. We're just letting them hang out and rest before we prep and revive them for spring plantings again in the coming weeks.

Our little greens containers are also bare — just waiting for a little sunshine and love.

The two trough planters on the top landing where we planted strawberries are looking pretty dormant, but still seem to be hanging on as best as possible. Since these strawberry plants are perennials, we are excited to see how well they will grow back and produce this year — especially since we pinched out the majority of buds from the plant last year.

Our hearty herbs in the metal pails have been hanging in there through the cold — we've been enjoying fresh rosemary, sage and thyme in dishes regularly:

The spring and summer herbs have succumbed to a sadder fate. The cilantro and parsley are completely gone:

The mint is barely hanging in there:

And all of our basil plantings have completely died:

Our grapevines are in a dormant stage as well, just saving energy for new spring growth — we can't wait to see if these guys will continue to vine up the landing after we planted them in these whiskey barrels back in the early fall:

The geranium plant in our hanging basket is actually still hanging in there (pun intended) as well — we're looking forward to watching the blooms come back this spring and summer:

We've left the garlic cloves we planted back in the fall completely alone and they've slowly continued to grow over the winter (we think a bird or squirrel might have dug one of them up already):

In the front yard, we finally uprooted our pepper plants that hung on all the way through late fall and are now trying to decide what we want to replant in our empty urns:

Our camellia bushes are just starting to bloom with some of the most beautiful pink flowers:

Indoors, we've been continuing to steadily compost all of our kitchen scraps and add dry leaves when possible to the bin. We're hoping we might be able to use some of the black gold we've been making over the last year in this year's plantings. We also still have a little windowsill garden going and will share a more robust avocado plant update tomorrow!

So that's the state of things around here, gardenwise. We're looking forward to getting our potting tools, planters and seed starters out from hiding soon:

Are you excited to get out in the garden this spring or have things growing over the winter right now? We've been keeping a close watch on Sprout Robot and have plans to start plantings as soon as a couple weeks from now based on the planting suggestions for our zipcode. As usual, we're be sure to keep you posted.


  1. I've been checking sprout robot too. I'm so eager to get going this year. I had a hard time with the garden last year being heavily pregnant when the growing season began. So this year is going to be awesome!

    1. Monica from what we are seeing you are going to have to get rid of some of that snow first! We of course wish you a total green thumb!

  2. Very true! Lots of planning right now and several items will be started from seed next month.

  3. Plants are sending their energy down into their roots, just as we are settling into the awkwardness of this time of year.

  4. I discovered this site today....Love it! The posts and pictures are very inspiring. I live in Norfolk, VA and I am very excited to get started with my container garden. In the past things didn't go so well but I will try again this year. Thank you for the information and tips!


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