January 2, 2013

Updating Entryway Gallery (Again)

In preparation for the holidays, we finally got our little gallery wall re-hung in our front entry. We'd taken all the frames down and filled the holes back in September when we painted the family room and front hallway gray, but then we didn't put them back in place right away. Yeah, it took us another 2 months to get on that...

We also took the opportunity to add in a few new shots we've taken in the past few months and had printed at the same time we made prints of some of our favorite Instagram shots.

After laying out the updated configuration on the floor underneath the wall, we got to hanging these guys back in place.

We're happy with the updated gallery and like that there's still room for new additions. It definitely makes for a warm welcome of family faces when we come and go.

What a difference from where we started:

Whew, feels so good to cross this little re-update off our list! What little tasks or updates have you been taking care of lately?

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