January 19, 2013

Recap: Tim's Birthday

This time last week we were celebrating Tim's birthday! Today we wanted to give a little recap of the fun that took place throughout the day. We started out the day with a pair of giant reminders of how old the birthday boy was!

I ordered these guys from Balloon Maniacs — this site is AWESOME in the balloon department. They offer all sorts of giant alphabet and number balloons — I've even placed an order for a few to have at our wedding in June. Helpful hints: order on Tuesdays and use the code 20TUESDAY for 20% your entire order — also, my local grocery store blew these up with helium for me for a minimal charge when I brought them in.

When I tried to snap a pic, Tim thought it would be funny to switch up the ordering to 74!

Now that would make an interesting blog, eh? Just imagine it — 44 Apart instead of 17 Apart. Yes ladies, he's all mine.

What was even funnier about this whole situation, was how much Basil was freaked out over these giant silver balloons:

He would sit under them, staring up in fear — for long stretches of time. In the mornings over this past week when we'd come downstairs, he'd even bark at them. I think he was literally fearing for Tim's life in the photo above.

After balloons, we walked down to a local diner for a classic greasy diner birthday brunch. Tim got a country fried steak plate and I opted for the egg white veggie omelet, but didn't forgo the biscuit! Oh, the biscuit!

Tim's parents came over and visited with us for a little bit and gave him a hilarious gift — a pair of very special headphones:

When they were here over the holidays, we laughed about how Tim likes the TV and music volume about 3-4 notches higher than I can usually tolerate and it's a constant push/pull between the two of us. We laughed that all those Kinks and Dead shows he went to when he was younger is starting to cause hearing loss. They told us they had the same problem and Tim's dad now wears a wireless pair of headphones that he can control the volume for on anything they are watching. So now Tim and I can be watching the same show and if he wears these headphones, he can crank it as high as he wants and I'll never know the difference.

For one of his gifts, I picked up this vintage blue Le Creuset pan he'd spotted back when we went to Little House Green Grocery:

It's now hanging up with our other pans and he used it the same weekend to make one of the best (and only) celery root bisques I've ever had. Recipe here:

Basil didn't forget Daddy's birthday either:

Just look at this big ham! Another helpful hint: writing cards with your left hand if you are right handed passes for believable pet "paw-writing."

Later that evening we finally got a chance to check out Rappahannock, the newest seafood restaurant and raw bar here in Richmond. Tim's especially been excited about having an authentic raw bar here in the city now. We shared a dozen Olde Salts (Tim's favorite) and a few libations while we took in the view. Not only was the place slammed, but everything we tried was delicious.

It was a great day we got to share together. We're headed up to New York for the week ahead and are looking forward to a final birthday dinner at one of our favorite spots in the city — once Tim decides which place he wants to go! We are always open for suggestions!

Keep warm this weekend and we'll check in from the big city early next week.

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