December 4, 2012

Wood Letter Stamps: Fun With Words

Over the weekend when Mary was pulling down her craft basket from the closet in search of her glue gun for making the pine cone wreath, I noticed this beat up little carrying case and asked her what was in it...

She reminded me it was the little case full of vintage wooden rubber stamps she'd found for a steal at one of the antique malls we'd stopped in a few years ago. She'd had it tucked away with plans for making jewelry with sometime in the future but just hadn't gotten around to it yet. Being the tinkerer I am, I went through the case of letters having fun piecing different words together.


See what I did here? Spelling is fun.

In the same vein, being the holidays and all, we had enough letters to put the following Christmas related words together:

Funny how even though the letters are backwards due to being stamps, you can still read them as if they were completely forwards. It reminds me of those paragraphs filled with jumbled words that you can still read without any issues since the first and last letters of the words are the same.


So I had some fun with letter stamps. Mary loved the holiday themed words so much, we've scattered them in different little areas of the house for subtle decor updates — she's got more on this coming up tomorrow.

Have you rediscovered anything around your house that you might use for something other than you originally intended?

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  1. Can't believe we spelled XAMS instead of XMAS — hahaha!


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