December 3, 2012

Weekend Basics

We awoke on Saturday to the sounds of the Christmas Parade getting started down Broad Street here in Richmond. Is it bad that I watched it from the TV rather than making the couple block walk over to check it out? Yes it is. Here's to making up for it this time next year.

Tim and Brandon packed up early to go fishing on the Rappahannock River with one of Tim's best friends (the one who had the 50th birthday party we dressed up like Mad Men characters for). Brandon ended up reeling in a 24 inch Rockfish that Tim turned into dinner Sunday night. Now that's fresh food!

I stayed home and pulled out a few holiday decorations here and there.

We'll show you more of what we've done this week!

I also re-arranged the flower bouquet Tim got for my birthday last week. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but still gets me every time. Once the majority of a bouquet is headed for the hills, I always like to cut out the strongest in the bunch that are still thriving and place them in a small bud vase to enjoy for another week or two.

It not only changes up the arrangement, but squeezes a little more time out of such a beautiful bouquet.

Yesterday we hung up an image above the diy coat rack we made — we're looking forward to sharing the details behind this new find later in the week:

I even attempted to make a pinecone holiday wreath:

However, I ran out of pinecones before it was complete, so I'll have to keep you posted if I'm able to pull this one off in time for the holidays or not, ha. I think wreaths are one of those crafts that look really easy to make, but actually take a lot of time and forethought when sitting down to do it. Wish me luck finding more pinecones on my morning walks with Basil.

This time of year always keeps my Sunday evenings busy packing up jewelry orders. This weekend I had a little extra time to slip a few new one-off necklaces in the jewelry shop including this little brass reindeer pocket knife necklace:

And this little vintage brass telescoping cigarette holder necklace:

It's starting to really feel like the holidays around here — how was your weekend?

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog - my last weekend was spent doing a lot crafty homely things too - we set up a new patio garden recently and were repotting stuff as things have been sprouting, yay! And some cross stitch for homemade christmas cards for faraway friends. Looking forward to hopefully seeing the pine cone wreath, I can't work out how that's going to look in my head yet!


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