November 5, 2012

Weekend Basics

We had Brandon hanging with us again this weekend. Sometimes I still can't believe he's already a senior in high-school. When he wasn't doing homework and filling out college applications (#suchaprouddad), he helped us catch up on season 7 and into season 8 of The Office and got us slightly interested in watching The Walking Dead. Not completely sold on that one yet even though we're huge AMC fans.

After who knows how many "indestructible" dog toys we've gone through, we were on a mission to find one of the Dentley's Femur Bones many of you have recommended our way in the comments section for tough chewers!

We went with the large size peanut butter stuffed version and when we got home I hid it in the bottom of Basil's toy basket while he was outside — just to see how long it would take for him to notice. Not even 5 minutes after being back inside was he over digging to the very bottom of his toy bin trying to figure out what this new and amazing toy was. I guess they are hunters for a reason.

Needless to say, he's a happy camper and we are happy campers! He's been chewing on this thing for two days now and it looks like there won't be an end in sight. So thanks for all the recommendations — keep them coming our way when you find dog toys that really are indestructible.

Also, Mary's mom brought us over an entire bushel of sweet potatoes:

A bushel of potatoes is heavy — can you see me in that first pic trying to hold it together and act like I'm not straining? She must have read about our luck with growing them and felt bad. If you're reading this, Thanks Jinx!

By running tons of errands Saturday morning, we realized that every store under the sun is in full on holiday mode:

Do you feel ready for the holidays yet? 

Well, before we get into all out holiday mode, we thought you might enjoy this crazy photo from our Halloween:

We decided to walk down Hanover Avenue to see all the hype and one house actually had a photo booth set up in their front yard. We went to sit and pose with Basil when one of the home owners popped out dressed up like a devil. Mary and I thought this was hilarious but as you can see, Basil went berserk. Now that's a dog who's got our backs.

Speaking of Halloween and surprises...

You guys, this is just terrible. And we are terrible for sharing this. Haha. But, we came across this year's "I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy" video by Jimmy Kimmel and it kills us every time:

Those poor kids! In our house, we have mutual understanding — or rather, it's a good thing I don't like sweets since they don't stand a chance around Mary!

P.S. We announced the winners of the Printsagram and Ana White Book giveaways.

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