October 15, 2012

Weekend Basics

This weekend was spent cooking, packing, driving and touring — in that order. We even had room to squeeze in one little home project which we've got a little teaser for below.

In the kitchen, smells of curry and chipotle were simmering all Saturday in the form of 2 new dishes — broccoli raab green curry lentil soup and a spicy take on stuffed poblanos. Look for the full recipes coming up this week on E.A.T. and Lot18.

We printed out and played around with a host of our Instagram photos in yet another little home updating project — more details to come:

Early Sunday we packed up the car and hit the road for the upcoming week in NYC. When I say early, I mean the type of early that you get to watch the sun rise while crossing over the Delaware bridge early (3 1/2 hours from RVA):

It was a beautiful thing. A lot of people think we are crazy for driving up to the city at o'dark thirty, but it's something we swear by as far as beating the traffic and getting a full day in the city goes. For anyone wondering, NYC sleeps on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Here's a view of the nearly empty streets just after 10am yesterday:

We've both got a busy and fun week planned ahead. Mary will be working in the Brooklyn Etsy offices and I've got a full schedule on the food side of things. Yesterday we got a chance to just be tourists in one of our favorite towns — we're looking forward to sharing more from all the sites.


  1. the instagram photos are so pretty!

  2. Love the super early pictures! How did you print out your instagrams so cutely? :)


    1. Jasanna from your entries in the giveaway We will assume you now see how we did it! :)


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