October 13, 2012

A Few Things...

We are really feeling the spirit of fall and Halloween around the neighborhood as we get closer to Halloween — the decorations are coming out, and in full force...

1.  Exhibit A, above.

Just imagine Halloween decorations like this popping up about every third house or so — we can't wait to see what it will look like a week from now!

2. Somebody else has also been feeling very festive with Halloween right around the corner:

Basil came home from daycare on Monday sporting this brand new bright orange Jack-o-lantern collar. Tim has never entertained my ideas of clothing and accessories for our big guy, so you can imagine my surprise and delight when Basil showed up with this festive new look!

3. Speaking of Halloween, we're digging this latest diy mask video from Meg Allen Cole:

Not only are the geometric masks pretty cool looking, we recognized the balcony from the Wythe Hotel lurking near the end of the video (remember how much we loved the Wythe from this post?). We're still dying to stay there at some point on one of our next trips to the city. We're actually headed up tomorrow, and have the Wythe on our list of places to grab a drink and admire the view (though we won't be staying there this go round).

4. We've talked a good game about Tim whipping up a few fall recipes in the kitchen but haven't had much to show for it here on the blog. Find his latest creations featured in his guest posts over on Lot18 including:

Honey Kissed Acorn Squash:

Full recipe here.

And roasted mushrooms:

Full recipe here.

5. Tim's also got an upcoming feature in the winter 2013 issue of Artful Blogging that we've been keeping under wraps while things shaped up:

Read up on all the details and find out how to get a copy here.

6. We wanted to give a big shout out the handmade works behind 3 of our blog sponsors:

We're loving the personalized cases and wallets from Sakao on Etsy and I've got my eye on this personalized constellation phone case — I just love how it's custom but in a super subtle way. I'm also a sucker for gold flecks, go figure:

We've been longtime fans of the personalized map jewelry and accessory line by Sherry Truitt on Etsy. She and her husband have collaborated on a home line incorporating the custom maps they are famous for. Check out these drawer pulls — they'd make an instant upgrade and conversation piece out of any piece of furniture:

Can you tell we are big fans of customizable work? If not, find another great example in the jewelry pieces behind Becoming Jewelry. These personalized pendant necklaces would make a great gift idea for any time of year:

7. Oh, and this little gem was delivered to our 17 Apart inbox earlier this week:

Remember our sad little singular "Milk Moments" photos from the VA State Fair? Well our friend and photo-shopping master, Michelle, was able to meld the two photos into this one for us — making our entire week! So awesome.

That's what's been on our minds lately. This weekend we're packing up and planning for the week ahead in NYC — so we'll see you from the city!

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  1. You guys are awesome, thank you. I'm also dreaming of a few items from your other sponsors.
    Hope NY is lots of fun!



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