August 10, 2012

Weekend Brunch Recipe: Summer Vegetable Hash

As we head into the weekend, we wanted to share this recipe for summer vegetable hash — as long as you have potatoes, this brunch idea is a hearty way to use up the bounty of fresh vegetables you have on hand. We especially love using up any vegetables we don't have plans for from our Farm Table Box deliveries.

Great thing about this recipe — quantities are up to you, depending on how many folks you are serving and how many leftovers you'll want to save for the next day. Let's do this thing.

  • 6-8 Potatoes, diced (we used small red and white potatoes)
  • 1/2 onion, diced
  • Summer vegetables, sliced and diced (we used squash, zucchini, and red peppers)
  • 1 egg per serving
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Fresh herbs, chopped (parsley, rosemary or sage)
  • Hot sauce, bread & butter (for serving & optional)
Add olive oil to skillet and turn up heat to medium/high. Add diced potatoes and onion with pinches of salt and pepper, tossing to coat with oil and cooking until tender, about 15 minutes.

Incorporate remaining vegetables, tossing to combine and coat, cooking on medium heat until remaining veggies are tender and potatoes are cooked through — roughly another 10 minutes.


Remove skillet from heat, add more salt and pepper, then divide evenly among serving bowls.

Top with a fried egg (I like my yellow runny but hot and Mary likes hers hard), fresh herbs and hot sauce:


Serve with a thick slice of buttered bread and enjoy.


This is just one of those surprisingly easy meals to make that turns our hearty enough to pass for brunch or an early supper — not to mention it helps clean out the fridge of any extra veggies and herbs that need using up. 

If you couldn't tell already, we're big fans of versatile recipes like these where you can swap in different ingredients as you have them on hand — what would you incorporate into a hash like this and how do you like the yellow in your egg runny like me or hard like Mary?


  1. This looks a lot like what we've been eating recently. Something about going to the farmer's market and picking up some potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, squashes, etc and then wanting to whip them up all together. :) Yum! We haven't used eggs in it yet though. We'll have to try that soon! :)

    1. We so agree! Let us know how you like the eggs. Also, Tim adds several dashes of hot sauce.

  2. This looks delicious guys. I would add eggplant if I had it. Like you, we would eat this any time of the day. I like hot sauce but it doesn't like me so much; I would add a dollop of chunky medium salsa. As for the eggs, I'd choose poached over fried with a lovely soft yolk. If it is a fried egg I like a soft centre with a crispy underside & edges. We are loving your posts! :-)

    1. Felicity, sounds amazing. A poached egg would be amazing — maybe you will have to come teach us how to achieve the perfectly poached egg here at home!

    2. Hey guys, thanks for the reply! Your comment about poached eggs inspired me to post my method. My husband created a facebook page for me called "The Foodies" to encourage me to post all things food related. Check it out here: As I said before, I just love your blog :-)

    3. Thank you Felicity! Just checked out and liked your facebook page — we are definitely going to have to try this method!

  3. I think we'll have this for dinner tomorrow night! Sounds like a recipe I can handle! - Kaye


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