May 14, 2012

Weekend Basics

1. While Mary was spending a long weekend in Syracuse with her mom and aunt, I held down the fort here in RVA with Basil and the kiddos (OK, so the kiddos are actually 17 & 20, so not so little, but will always be my kiddos).

Somebody was very happy to see the kiddos:

They were pretty happy to see him too...

2. We hit up the South of the James farmer's market, as usual:

Don't tell Mary we cheated on her with Mrs. Yoder's Donuts...

Oh, and Agriberry, and Blanchards...

3. We also walked on over to the Strawberry Street Festival here in the fan.

We had a great time walking up and down the street until we were asked to "remove our dog from the premises" — so our time-frame ended pretty quickly on that front, womp womp...

He looks like a real menace to society, no?

4. We hit up Basil's favorite fan dog park, Scuffletown, on the walk back and were amazed at how much the garden plots have really taken shape since our first visit back over the winter.

It's been a lot of fun watching these garden spaces grow and change throughout the different seasons.

5. We also made a quick stop by Tricycle Gardens.... oh the inspiration!

6. Last but not least, it wouldn't be a 17 Apart weekend without a few food spreads! I made my shirred eggs, fritatta (with goat cheese from Sullivan's Pond Farm) among other things for a little Mother's Day brunch here at the homestead where mom and dad came over to join us and spend a little time together:

Here's to a happy and healthy week ahead!

P.S. I'm headed down to Destin, Florida for the better part of the week on a working/vacation — come on fishing!


  1. Looks like it was a great weekend with family!

    When I saw the photo of Basil next to the lamp post the first thing that popped into my mind (this may be from a lack of sleep) was the classic line "Nobody puts Basil in the corner".

    I bet he just wants to be around everyone and enjoying their company and instead he is shunned....poor pup.

    Anyway, glad your Mom had a nice Mother's Day and a delicious feast!

  2. made that delicious looking food ensemble...yummy!

    Poor Basil, he looks a little ticked off! lol!

    I have never tried goat cheese, but I see it featured alot on the food shows...must think outside my comfort zone!

    1. Lisa, you may be pleasantly surprised — it's super creamy, fresh and a little tart tasting all at once!

  3. Oh my, we have a german baptist donut stand at our farmers market too (east tn)! they are the best!

    1. They sound AMAZING! Next time we are in TN we will be hitting you up for details :)

  4. Ok I am coming over for breakfast. :D. Great weekend. Looks like a fantastic Mother's Day.


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