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Jettin' to Destin (Florida That Is)...

So a little working relationships had to get done last week and it just so happens the destination was Destin, Florida. Somebody has to do it, and it might as well be me. I had never been to Destin before and actually had never fished in the Gulf of Mexico — that all changed last week.

The fishing was amazing — bringing in our limit of amberjack, several black fin tunas, and a couple of king mackerels! The Emerald Grande, where we stayed, cooked everything up for us that night. Nothing beats fresh fish, and less than 10 hours out of the water certainly is fresh!

Of course I had to sample the drink at the bar which turned out to be quite sweet for my taste (for those of you not as familiar, I'm really not a "sweets" person). It did take several of them for me to realize it though! All of the above happened on Tuesday and Wednesday and let me tell you it was a long day on Wednesday! Believe it or not, standing in a boat in the ocean with full sun fishing for 10-12 hours can totally wipe you out (don't hate me?).

Thursday we needed some rest and relaxation so with 2 rented pontoon boats and 3 jet ski's, we trekked on over to Crab Island, which really is not an island at all — it is one massive sand bar.

Floating in the middle of Crab Island was an oasis of a pontoon boat loaded with food! Who would have thought, and as you know, I am all about eating locally! In talking with the owner, I learned he retired at 37 (yes that was not a typo, 37!) and he said his wife told him he needed an office, so Chomp N' Chill was born — that's one heck of an office if you ask me!

As I was walking back, chili dog in hand, I came across Clancy, this 5 month old lab, swimming in the water. He made me think about having Basil out here in the water and then I noticed his owner following him around with what looked like a butterfly net. Yep, you guessed — no dry land on Crab Island and a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta doo doo...

The food was amazing, the work company great, and we settled in for a nice sunset that Thursday evening to close out a beautiful fun quick trip. Mary went to Syracuse and I went to Destin. Not sure I am going to be able to pull that off again any time soon — it was too much time apart in any case.

So tell us, where is the most beautiful place you have ever seen the sun set?


  1. One of my dreams is to be able to travel the shores and seas of Florida with my family using hand built wood yachts. Looking at those pictures makes me wanna plan ahead and book a flight!

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