May 1, 2012

Etsy Weddings, Registries & Launch Event

Can you believe it's the first of May already? Where has the time flown? I mentioned flying up to NYC last week for a couple amazing projects we've had in the works at Etsy. The beginning of the week included the Martha Stewart Show taping all about Etsy and later in the week we were excited to announce the launch of Etsy Weddings.

Etsy Weddings is a completely new shopping experience which marries inspiration, real stories, product, trends, how-to's and expert advice into one place. With the weddings launch, Etsy has also released a Registry! Registry being one of the most frequent product requests, I am so personally thrilled for the timing of this release being in the midst of the whole weddings process myself.

In conjunction with the launch of the Etsy Weddings experience and new Registry available on the site, we've been planning a special weddings launch event, named To Have and To Hold, to showcase in-person examples of the breadth of one-of-a kind items and inspiration for every component of the weddings experience.

For those that didn't get a chance to get a ticket or were too far away to attend, I snapped photos of each of the vignettes to virtually share.

Here's a shot of the space as we began set-up:

It was a really beautiful open space with wood floors, white walls and exposed brick detailing throughout — very similar to a gallery. The events team had everything in place and ready for set up when I arrived, so I got to it.

I primarily helped piece together the bridal and paper goods section of the space — filled to the brim with amazing handmade and vintage heirloom wedding products. I felt like a kid in a candy shop since I don't always get to see all the products I am so familiar with online in my everyday work in person. I have to say the detailing and craftsmanship in every piece we had for placement in the event was stunning beyond belief.

Here's a shot of one of the bridal vignettes I put together before the labeling and lighting came into play:

Here's how everything panned out after the set up and prep was all said and done — it's literally like walking through an in person version of the new weddings experience on Etsy. I could have moved in — literally.

I was especially thrilled by all the little details throughout — that can each be found on Etsy.


Being a part of the Weddings launch at Etsy and the Weddings event has been such a treat — on both a professional and personal level. I'm looking forward to being able to actually and officially add Etsy items to Tim and my's registry for our own wedding and even more excited that we as a company are finally able to offer this option for all couples.

Here I am pictured with a few of my favorite coworkers & friends (from left to right) Nicole, Dayna, Emily & Heather just before the press preview got going.

I hope you enjoyed getting a little tour of the Etsy Weddings To Have and To Hold event and that you will poke around the new Weddings experience on Etsy. For Etsy sellers interested in learning more about all the components of the new Weddings experience, including registries, and how you can participate, see here.


  1. You and all of the other Etsy staffers did such an amazing job with this event! Everything was so beautiful, the food and drink was delish, and it was so special to be there. I was especially excited to be there because my Calligraphy Scrolls Thank You Card was featured in the Paper Goods section, and I was so honored and flattered to be included with such talented vendors, and in such a well done show!

    1. Those scrolls are amazing! So glad you were able to make it out and wish I had been there on Friday and Saturday for the main events!

  2. so beautiful! makes me want to fall in love and get married again. What a great idea. BTW I love emily's necklace. My friend Celia sent a ring in for this event, a gold band, she was very excited. (her shop is TheSlyFox)

    1. Jennifer,

      The ring display stole the show at the weddings event - people were raving about them all. Was so amazing getting to see everything in person.

  3. BTW - here are more photos of the event from the official Etsy Labs Flickr page:


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