April 30, 2012

Weekend Basics

1. We ventured on over to Woofstock Saturday morning — a local festival put on by the Richmond Animal League that's both family and pet friendly.

Amidst all the excitement, we ran into two other weims and we were drawn to them like a magnet. Something about weims seems to make us stop in our tracks — must be like that with all breed owners that run into folks with the same type of dog. We always just start asking the other owners random questions about their weims, especially what works for separation anxiety in their experience. These three were pretty funny together — they all got those same "crazy eyes" as we call them when the tennis ball came out.

Oh, and there were puppies. Lots and lots of puppies...

2. Friday we ventured out to the much anticipated RVA Food Truck Rally we talked about last week. It was a quick walk from our house, we were able to bring Basil along with us and the place was packed! We'd just eaten dinner when we embarrassingly remembered the food truck court was happening and decided to check it out for dessert.

Almost all of Richmond's food trucks were there — about 11 or 12 in total and a couple, like Mr. Softee, specialized in dessert only. Mary was happy about this. Other food trucks we saw there included Boka Truck, Sustenence Truck, Dressed and Press Truck, Crossroads Truck, Flynn's Food Truck, Habenero's Truck, Thai Cabin Truck, and the Rooster Cart. We'll be back for dinner soon — oh yes, we will.

3. Speaking of eating out, we went out to Pasture for dinner Saturday night — loving the small plates and homage to southern eats here. A great place to try if visiting Richmond and staying in the city or if you're already here and haven't made it out quite yet. The pimento cheese remains one of our favorites here.

4. In an effort to continue to use greens and product from our new Farm Table produce deliveries, I whipped together this grilled cheese sandwich incorporating Swiss & Gruyere cheeses, Swiss chard and artichokes. Trust me on this one.

Find the recipe here, on E.A.T.

5. More planting — this time it was 2 varieties of peppers: Aurora & Texas Bird. We're looking forward to these guys, that's for sure.

6. Basil's evidently been doing some late night Etsy shopping. These crazy large antlers came in the mail that he hasn't put down since. More on these antler dog chews from WSPuppyeyes right here.

7. We broke out the canning jars! It's barely springtime, we know — but again, trust on this one. More details to follow.

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  1. I hopped on the antler dog chew train over the weekend, and my pup is utterly OBSESSED! I don't know what it is! She loves her bones, too, but these seem to blow those away!


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