April 16, 2012

Weekend Basics

1 The micro scaffolding is up and the masonry work on part of a larger issue with our house is being taken care of! More on this entire project and the back-story once things progress a little further. For now, we watch and wait, thinking how lucky we are that we don't have to squeeze into that literal 2ft opening between these two brick walls.

2 We had a blast at the farmer's market this weekend, bringing home tons of fresh vegetables, eggs and starter plants. While it's still technically the winter version of this market, the weather was incredible and people came out in droves. One woman even had two baby goats on leashes, which Basil was extremely happy about.

3 & 4 You guessed it, we took on more planting this weekend while the weather was so nice. This weekend our front and back spaces were introduced to flowers, more herbs and strawberry plants! More on those later this week.

5 We worked on a fun little DIY project involving lots of history and a light bulb. More to come on this!

6 Ummmm...Tim made one of the best brunches I've ever had — it involved this homemade asparagus and Gruyere cheese tart. Yes. Find the recipe and more pics over on E.A.T.

And now for the weekend Basil-cam:

After our trip to the farmer's market and a new load of soil, we set off back home to get planting. One sharp right turn in the car, and the bags of soil toppled over into Basil's territory of the backseat. He took it like a champ and just crouched up, leaning against the bags as if they were a pillow.

Then he got his first bath in the back alley — oh, the shame...

Also, during a moment of impulse while Basil & Ladybug were sniffing at one another through the fence, we decided to let her over on our side to play. They played and played like it was a dream come true and a goal they'd been plotting for months...

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  1. Looks like it was a perfect weekend! I think it's best not to show that pic of Basil getting cozy with a bag of soil to Ladybug...she might get a little jealous:)


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