March 29, 2012

Hello Feed Readers!

While Basil was sleeping in the sun, you may have just been inundated with posts from us in your feed reader! With the help of our friend Jenn, the mastermind behind, we were finally able to troubleshoot the outstanding issue we had when we switched over from the old blogger URL to our new domain.

If you're seeing 5 unread posts and have a little time on your hands, there are many more stories to catch up on from the past couple months we've been "missing in feed reader action." So hop on over to the blog if you like to catch up with what madness we've been up to.

Welcome back — we look forward to seeing you around here more often!


  1. Haha this is so funny b/c I had mentioned the feed issue here before and when it wasn't fixed I thought, well, I am not going to nag them about it, hopefully I will just see when they update in my Facebook newsfeed.

    I smiled when I saw not only new numbers in the feed, but also an entry for feed readers! Def. my preferred way to digest my favorite blogs.

    Thanks for fixing it Jenn and 17Apart company.

    1. Jenn, it was literally driving us crazy. It turned out to be a really simple fix that we needed someone else to point out. Basically, when we switched the domain over, Blogger told us NOT to touch the feed url so we left it alone. Turns out CHANGING the feed url did the trick :)

      So glad to have you back to your regular reading schedule - we appreciate it!


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