January 30, 2012

Weekend Basics

Yes, Tim is wearing shorts in the middle of January  (I told you it was warm).

...aaand we're back to basics. This abnormally warm weekend jump-started so many projects!

1. Among a few other indoor home improvement projects, Tim tackled a few outdoor updates since, as mentioned, the weather has been abnormally temperate for January in Virginia. He and Stephanie (his daughter) picked up a birdhouse on a whim during an outing to the home improvement store and installed it in our back courtyaaaawwrd (sorry, we've recently become hooked on the show Downton Abbey and have been saying everything with an old world English accent — anyone else loving this PBS series?).

OK, back to serious business. They installed the birdhouse on one of the low hanging tree branches in the back right corner of our small patio. Then all three of us decided this location would be way to easy and tempting for Sir Basil to try to jump up and cause general mischief with (as you can see, he was quite curious from the start of all this bird feeder business). So — they moved it to a higher location on the middle right side of the patio. We're looking forward to spotting the birds that may decide to grace us with their presence in the near future.

After hanging the birdhouse, Tim swept up the patio and fixed our motion detector outdoor lights. After about 20 minutes of work, he came inside and proclaimed that that was the kind of time he liked to spend on the weekend doing yard work (referring to the size and time our previous yard required).

2. Sprout Robot informed us it was time to plant broccoli seeds indoors. We jumped at the chance to try out an idea we've been keeping in our back pockets from our Pinterest Gardening boards — eggshell planters. Look for the full tutorial on these guys tomorrow.

3. Major kitchen time. Can I just say we LOVE our new kitchen? We spend the majority of our time in this room and love how it's in the heart of the house. Tim whipped up the following recipes: artisan bread, sloppy Joes, and baked Thai chicken wings — all of which can be found throughout this week on E.A.T.

4. A little project involving carrots that we (and Basil) are looking forward to sharing later this week.

P.S. For those of you running your own creative endeavors, find a specialized merchandising report full of tips and key dates to remember I put together to carry you through the month of February: here, on the Etsy blog.

P.P.S. We announced the 2 winners of our Bag Balm giveaway this weekend — congrats to those with a tin of our favorite "goop" and we hope the rest of you will stay tuned for future giveaways right here on 17 Apart!


  1. I love all your photos. Those carrots are gorgeous and that food looks so tasty!

    I'm looking forward to your post on the eggshell planters :)

    1. Thanks Monica - that was a fun shot that turned out surprisingly well!

  2. Yum those wings are making me hungry. Looks like a productive yet relaxing weekend!

    1. Jennifer, you've got it exactly. I polished off the rest of those wings for lunch today!


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