December 19, 2011

Weekend Basics

1: It's wintertime! I've been steadily digging into the firewood pile as Basil and Mary request weekend fires. Basil curls up on his bed right in front of the fireplace and doesn't move for hours — it's pretty funny.

2 & 5: Hot chocolate on a stick from The Ticket Kitchen. These playful stirring sticks arrived on our doorstep from Mary's "Etsy Secret Santa." Simply stir the chocolate stick into a steaming mug of milk and you're all set for an experience both modern and nostalgic in the best of ways. Good ole' Secret Santa :)

3: We found our Cinderella's slipper! It's been 2 1/2 years, but Mary and I are finally ready to tackle a project involving our salvaged claw foot tub (read more about it here). All this while, we've had the tub sitting in our garage, with only 3 of its feet intact. Over the weekend, while taking a stroll through Caravati's, a well known Richmond architectural salvage warehouse, we came across what we think is almost a perfect match in a bin full of tub feet — while it's much shabbier than the rest of our tub feet, it retains the same shape and even had the "B" we've been waiting so long for.

4: Our winter market is open! It was great to see so many people bundled up and making it out to support local food in our neighborhood. Basil mingled with four legged friends wearing jackets while Mary and I picked up some cheese from Rona at Bonnyclabber Cheese Co and chatted with Victoria of Pizza Tonight (who has 2 weims of her own). We even ran into the famed Brittany of Eating Bird Food who was also out looking for local good eats!

6: Teaser! A view we're looking forward to sharing more with you about later this week.

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  1. My husband looked at this and asked, "What kind of mushrooms are those?" in reference to #3. Haha. Good luck with that. Clawfoot tubs are awesome. We had the outside of ours sandblasted before we repainted it. You can also get porcelain putty stuff to seal up any chips or scratches.


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