November 7, 2011

Weekend Basics

Our print edition of Kinfolk Magazine finally arrived on Friday! It came from a limited batch of 1500 reprints — while we love online magazines, this was one we wanted to be able to flip the pages of in person and savor.

2 & 6: I heard about a local "canning swap" in Richmond put on by the lovely ladies over at The Richmond Food Collective. Mary and I went with 4 jars of banana peppers I canned and 2 jars of the apple vinegar we made together — we didn't come home empty handed and are looking forward to sharing what we found in a future post.

3: Mary began working on a little diy project with these acorns she hopes to have complete and ready to share later in the week.

While riding around town this weekend, we stopped at one of our neighborhood dog parks to let Basil out to stretch his legs. He does really well in the car, but we like to break it up when we can. It just so happened there was another weim at this park with the other dogs. We were probably over-excited just because we rarely see/meet other weims here in Richmond and love watching Basil play with them. I'm not sure if it's like this with all dog breeds, but there is a definite difference in the way Basil plays with other weims — it's like they connect on some level and know they are related. They seem to run and play in tandem, staying on the same level at all times. In any case, the weim's name we met this weekend was "Yeager" and we hope to run into him and his owners again!

5: The farmer's market had fresh ginger this week. I'll admit that ginger in it's freshest form with stems and leaves still attached is a new concept to me. We learned a lot about how to use it and picked up a fresh piece of our own to experiment with and try to learn more about — like how to grow it (maybe).


  1. Kinfolk Mag arrived in Australia today! After seeing everyone from the US receive theirs when mine arrived today it was excitement all round. Quite true there's nothing like the printed version! Love it.

  2. @Luisa,

    Loved seeing the pic of your mag's arrival. We are already looking forward to the next edition! Great to connect with you.


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