November 18, 2011

Richmond Virginia Hockey Memories

One might think becoming a hockey fan would be quite impossible growing up in Richmond, Virginia (not to be confused with Richmond, British Columbia) — not true for this fan. Even though professional hockey now exists south of the Mason-Dixon Line, in the 70's there were few teams in the southern market.

One exception to this general rule of thumb was right here in Richmond, which was actually a big hockey town in the 70's. Growing up here introduced me to hockey — namely the Richmond Robins "farm team" for the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers of the 70's were known as the Broad Street Bullies and most of the players came right here through our Richmond team and later winning the coveted Stanley Cup.

I have never played hockey or even put on a pair of skates but I've literally always had re-occurring dreams of playing hockey. The video below is a much tamer version and dream of a sport I love. I found it via Poppytalk while scrolling my reader — definitely a diamond in the rough for someone like me.
If you are a hockey fan like me who grew up never getting a chance to play — this video spoke volumes to me about the passion of growing up in a town where playing is a little more within reach and possible. Hope you enjoy!


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