October 3, 2011

Weekend Basics

Can you believe it's already October? We kept things low key this weekend since it seems like we've been all over the place lately. Relaxing, sports watching, good food and getting outside made for the perfect welcome to fall.

1 & 5: It was the first significantly chillier weekend this season so far — and we decided to take the bikes for a trail ride down by the river to enjoy the nip in the air. Coincidentally, it was also our first mini-test of leaving Basil completely alone in the house not in a crate as per our trainer's new recommendation. As we've mentioned before, Basil has severe separation anxiety and we've been unsuccessfully trying to crate train him (as in making him feel safe in it) while we leave the house. We'll provide a more detailed update later in the week, but so far so good.

2: I love low key weekends because I always get inspired to make new jewelry designs with odds and ends I've picked up along the way. Look for a shop update with all the new pieces later in the week.

3 & 4: Little glimpses of the roses and garlic we have thriving this October in the garden.

6: Tim pulled out the french press Sunday among the usual weekend breakfast spread. Doesn't coffee straight from the press seem so much richer and authentic? It felt like a small luxury in our book.

We also watched a captivating documentary called Bill Cunningham New York which chronicles the life and work of Bill Cunningham, the famous 80+ year old fashion photographer for The New York Times known best for his candid street fashion photos and the Schwinn bicycles he rides all over the city.

It was an instant watch film available on our Netflix queue that Tim had hunted down (he always finds the good ones) and one we'd both recommend watching.

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  1. Fantastic and inspiring as always. I spent the weekend with my camera at the Virginia State Fair? Good times!
    So glad to hear about Bill Cunningham New York. I added it to my queue 4 days ago. Peace to the good life and thank you for sharing it.

  2. I am so excited to hear that Bill Cunningham is on Netflix...off to add it to my queue, I have been dying to see it!

  3. @Gary & DolceDreams - thanks! So glad to hear you're going to check out the movie. Let us know what you think.

    Gary, we were hoping to get to the fair - maybe this weekend if it's still up and running!


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