October 29, 2011

A Kid, A Dog, and a Beach

We mentioned last weekend taking Basil on his first trip to the beach, not to mention out of state to the Outer Banks. We were excited to see how he'd take to the beach and he didn't disappoint.

Today we wanted to share a snippet of photos from the weekend — in particular the first time we went on the beach during a beautiful sun rise.

We took Basil's "crack ball" with us to ensure all would be well in the world. For some reason when we have this ball, Basil can think of nothing else and will do anything we ask. We use the chuckit brand balls for anyone wondering - they are a hard rubbery consistency that he has yet to break into and stay clean as opposed to tennis type balls.

Basil took to the beach immediately — running and plunging in the sand. He even stepped into the surf a couple times, gaining confidence with each step.

Meet our nephew, Benjamin. Basil and Benjamin are the same age (14 months) and made fast friends and by the end of the weekend were virtually inseparable. While Basil does well with all people and children, we like to call him a "man's dog" since he is most in tune with men — we think he must have somehow known that Benjamin was a boy which most likely added to their new "buds status." We've always kept a close watch on Basil around the kids, but it was amazing to see how gentle and loving he was with Teller's children — to the degree of happily letting his tail, ears, and lips be pulled in all sorts of directions when we turned our head.

Benjamin had no fear when it came to investigating the washed up horseshoe crabs on the shore. For anyone wondering Mary got him that lamb hat on Etsy from cutesy crochet. She was pretty proud of herself and yeah, it's pretty darn cute.

Mary's sister, Teller, with her son and daughter

It was a fun trip all around and one we hope to make again many times in the future — a quick getaway with family and new scenery can be a welcome way to re-energize for the week ahead.

Mary snapped this quick video on her phone of Basil's first steps on the beach. Aside from the shaky and loud quality, you get the picture of how beautiful it was with the sun rising and wind blowing:

Yes and even though I had to make note of my Phillies shirt in this video and they were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs it is good to know the team that beat them went on to win the world series. Congrats to the St. Louis Cardinals!

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