September 26, 2011

Weekend Basics

Much of this past weekend was spent unpacking from our week in New York, taking care of home tasks and taking a fun day trip to Virginia Beach on Sunday.

1 & 4: I made a Hungarian Lecsó with the Hungarian peppers I brought home from the Union Square Farmer's Market in New York last week. Lecsó is a brothy vegetable base for various types of dishes. My parents make a killer version incorporating rice and Hungarian sausage. We ended up freezing the Lecsó to use as a go-to recipe base for cooler nights coming up this autumn. Watch for the full recipe over on E.A.T. later in the week.

2, 3, & 6: Sunday we left the house early for a day trip to Virginia Beach. We headed that way to see Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat play live at the nTelos Wireless Pavillion in Portsmouth, Virginia (about 25 minutes from the beach). While the beach was a bit of a ghost town, we had fun walking the boardwalk, seeing the strip, eating seafood, and dipping our toes in the sand.

5: After using, eating, and giving away several of the apples we picked during our orchard trip, we still had a significant amount of fruit left over from our 2 bushels. I decided to go with a freezing method for preserving what was left so we can continue to use the apples throughout the fall and winter. I'd say I'm a pretty "pro-peeler" when it comes to the old fashioned pairing knife method, though I admit I was wishing I still had my amazing antique apple peeler that sold from the shop in the spring — nothing compares.


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