September 27, 2011

NYC Through Our Lens

Now finally back home and settled into the swing of things here in Virginia, we wanted to share a glimpse of what our week in the city looked like. Amazing views, finds, food and company:

Views: It seems anywhere in NYC incredible and unique views are to be found. From the iconic bridges, skyscraper buildings, and underground rails, there's always something to look at.

One of my favorite street views is of "diamond row" where this section of 46th street is marked with huge diamond shaped sculptures on either side to denote this little diamond street of the city — pun intended. The street is crammed with diamond jewelry and supply shops one right after the other. If you get there early enough in the day, you'll catch the shopkeepers refilling out the large window displays with all of the diamonds they lock up for safe keeping each night.

Finds: It wouldn't be us if we didn't peek into a few (or every) antique shop and flea market we come across. This trip was no different. NYC takes the antique shop to a whole new level of cool. We went into a couple warehouses filled with row upon row of everything under the sun. There were buckets full of buttons, boxes filled with silver plated cutlery, stacks of wooden crates, and endless lines of large storage & furniture pieces waiting to be shown a new life.

If in the city, Brooklyn Flea markets are a great way to get introduced into the magic of city finds and treasures.

We get a little carried away with food while in the big city — we're basically like a couple of kids in huge candy store wanting to stop into all of our old favorites and try out new places on the list (Tim is in charge of said list). This often means we're dining out almost every single night of our stay which is amazingly fun, but we're definitely indulging. I always look forward to "detoxing" the week after being in the city — know what I mean?

Some of our favorite stops pictured included Bedford Cheese Shop, Brooklyn Roasting Company, Aurora, Five Leaves, and Maison Premiere. Each are places we'd recommend if you find yourself staying in or visiting through Brooklyn.

Company: As always, our trips let us chat with old friends, our favorite restaurant staff & bartenders, and spend time with my Etsy coworkers in person rather than virtually! The last set of photos below show a glimpse of our family style EATSY meals and preferred mode of transportation to the office.

Click any of the images above for a larger view taken with the our FX Camera phone apps and thanks for taking part in our version of taking on New York. We're always looking for new things to do and see, so would love to hear some of your favorite haunts or great memories from being in the city.

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