September 19, 2011

Weekend Basics

1. Inspired by Kimberley Hasselbrink's butternut squash gratin recipe posted this week on the Etsy blog, I just had to take it for a spin in our own kitchen — it didn't disappoint. Find my full variation of the recipe on E.A.T.

2. After venturing out to our neighborhood farmer's market, we made it over to the 43rd Street Festival of the Arts. We love getting the opportunity to meet local artists and especially wanted to get a first look at the new work of our talented friend and photographer, Gary Garbett (pictured).

3. & 6. Mary and I are in NYC this week. We made the trip up to the city yesterday in time for some midday oysters at Maison Premiere. I'm planning on once again eating my way through the city this week while placing a special emphasis on tasting oysters. Follow my journey over on E.A.T. and stay tuned here for recaps of our week in the big city.

4. Hot Toddy's on the porch, toasting the notable change in season that took place with a cold front down here in Virginia this past week. Find my full cocktail recipe for this classic fall drink in the final segment of my happy hours series on Hills & Heights.

5. Sneak peek of the homemade natural dog treats we made using apples from last weekend's day trip to the apple orchard. Look for the recipe here on the blog later this week.

Mary got a chance to sneak over to Field Day of the Past with the little ones. This event is like a culmination of all good things that are old — literally bringing them back to life for a long weekend of fun and history.

Virginia and Benjamin at Field Day of the Past, 2011

Evidently they had truck beds filled with corn kernels and plenty of carnival rides to keep them entertained for hours.

We hope your weekend was just as full and are looking forward our week ahead in the big city!

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  1. Looking forward to the recipe for the homemade natural apple treats. Buddy's favorite fruit - so I cannot wait to try it :)


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