September 16, 2011

Things We Loved This Week

1. As you know, we're on a bit of a garlic kick. This recipe couldn't have come at a better time! French pickled garlic; recipe via food + words.

2. Nellystella, girls' clothing. Being an aunt, I've become way more in tune with product lines for the little ones. This is one brand I could just sit with for an hour, scrolling through the whimsical images of their current and past collections.

3. The Handy Dandy Hand Camera Strap at Photojojo; via SycamoreStreetPress' Pinterest.

4. A Little Relish Magazine; via Creature Comforts. An inspiring and beautiful online magazine independently produced by Chantelle Grady of Brisbane, Australia. Curl up with your glass of tea or wine — this is one lookbook you'll want to savor.

5. Our kind of camp breakfast; via Pinterest.

6. Vintage Le Creuset saucepans; via TheOldRedHen on Etsy.

7. For the weekend, we'll leave you with another inspiring video by Lost & Found Films profiling a man by the name of John Coffer. We find motivation in how well John has been able to weave old world practices with modern technology and convenience to create his own safe haven:

COFFER from thismustbetheplace on Vimeo; via Poppytalk.

P.S. For those of you running your own creative endeavors, find a specialized merchandising report full of tips and key dates to remember I put together to carry you through the approaching holiday season: here, on the Etsy blog.


  1. I am kind of wishing that Nellystella made adult clothes too.

  2. So selfishly glad you are an aunt and will be out there, trawling the web finding quality stuff for your niece, that I can then purchase for my tots.

    I've bought some lovely retro aprons from here before and she does mouthwatering pencil cases. Her shop seems to be dormant now, maybe she's on holiday? Her sold page is full of lovely bits.

  3. @Hande - I share that feeling! Maybe it's better they don't? :)

    @judahsblanket - found a new favorite in Bloom Woosie! Thanks for the introduction.


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