September 13, 2011

Apple Jugglers

We told you we went apple picking in the mountains of Virginia over the weekend at Showalter's Orchard and Greenhouse in Timberville, Virginia. While we're putting a fuller orchard update together, today we wanted to share this stop motion film short Mary fashioned from the photo stills of me and Brandon showing off our juggling skills.

As you can see, Basil was pretty enthralled with our juggling abilities — and even more thrilled when I dropped one of my apples. Still feeling inspired by the Whoofles we found at Wholefoods Market, I'm already brainstorming some natural dog treat recipes we can whip up with some of the apples from our day trip.


  1. heehee...Mary, you did a great job piecing those photos together!

  2. Thanks Monica - was actually my first time trying to create a stop motion film in iMovie. While it's quite amateur, I was pretty proud :)


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