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Google Reader Alternatives: Were Lovin' Bloglovin

You might have heard by now that Google Reader will be deactivated this July. This was pretty much heartbreaking news for Tim and I since we've been longtime Google Reader power users. It's been such a great tool for us to keep track of our huge and growing list of favorite blogs.

If you too are a Google Reader junkie and looking for a replacement come July, we hope you'll add us to your new reader (pretty please). We're planning to make the switch to Bloglovin, and recently imported our entire Google Reader feeds with the click of a button. Bloglovin is another blog reader platform that allows you to easily stay updated with all your favorite blogs by letting you know when they've published a new post.

You can follow us on Bloglovin by clicking this link. It's been a fun switch so far in that Bloglovin also recommends similar blogs to the ones you're already following — you know, in case you want to just tack on more blogs to your growing addiction, haha.

Learn more about Bloglovin's handy Google Reader importer to see if it's the right route for you too. Here's a screen of the import taking place when we made the switch:

I wasn't kidding when I said we follow a lot of blogs!

Not a "reader" type of follower? No worries, if you like you can opt to receive an email every time we publish a new post by entering in your email address in our right sidebar — don't worry, we can't see the emails or use them in any capacity (not that we'd spam even if we could!).

And while we're talking about keeping in touch, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter too!

Have you been a longtime fan of Google Reader? What alternatives are you planning to use when it's closed down? We're always interested in finding great alternatives.


  1. I, too, am a longtime Google Reader fan. I even signed the petition that was going around in hopes Google would change their mind! I've been trying out Feedly for the past week and so far it's been great. It's also a great iPhone app!

  2. I discovered Bloglovin by accident and that's how I found your blog, long before the Google Reader issue. I love Bloglovin, they just need to work on the iPhone/iPad app, is not good at all

  3. I'm trying out The Old Reader right now, and I have Feedly for the rare occasions when I'm on my phone looking for something to read.

  4. I'm so sad that Google Reader is ending! I'll check this out - although I also use google reader to follow my journal subscriptions (I'm a chemist), so it'd be nice to have one thing that will do it all. Maybe I'll try The Old Reader like Anna suggested...

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  6. Hmm, I think I have been getting you on bloglovin since I started keeping up with you? I also use blogger and WordPress.

  7. Truthfully I've been slowly switching everything over to email..there are some blogs that don't seem to have that option, but thankfully 17 Apart isn't one of them!

  8. I just ran across an app called feedly... looks interesting. Have you heard anything about it?

  9. I use BazQux reader and I like it, because it's very simple and really fast!

  10. I've also been a google reader user for years, and probably like most people panicked when I heard they're shutting it down! BUT, thank God for feedly!! It's so stylish and easy to read, I love how it's much more visual than google and you have so much control over the way you can read feeds.


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